Chiropractic for horses, dogs, cats etc.

Because it is so important, for comfort, for welfare and for health, we set great store by rectifying back problems in all patients, by the gentle method of chiropractic manipulation. Back problems give rise to poor performance, poor gait, poor posture and back pain.

We treat horses, ponies, dogs, cats, donkeys, goats, rabbits, ferrets and other species.

Whether for sporting animals or for pets, back pain can be very debilitating and can make life a misery. However, it can often go unnoticed.

At the AVMC, each patient is given a thorough back check and is offered correction by chiropractic manipulation ( or

This extremely gentle and non-damaging technique acts as a stimulus to the body's own corrective ability. In response to this stimulus, the body itself performs the correction or realignment, not the manipulator.

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