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We operate in a relaxed rural farmhouse setting, which puts patients at their ease. We do not use manufactured chemicals in the house, premises, garden or smallholding - no chemical smells! We do not use WiFi

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The office is open for telephone calls and appointments as follows:

Mondays: 09:00 - 17:00 (5 p.m.)
Tuesdays: 09:00 - 13:00 (1 p.m.)
Wednesdays: 09:00 - 17:00 (5 p.m.)
Thursdays: 09:00 - 17:00 (5 p.m.)
Fridays: 09:00 - 17:00 (5 p.m.)

Outside these times, local clients should contact our local emergency service on 01367 242777. More distant clients should contact their own veterinary practice, who will have information from us.

Visits are offered over a wide area of Britain, from Midlands, East Anglia, South-East, Southern England, South Wales and South-West. In fact, anywhere in the UK is possible, with visits also having been made in France, Italy, Sweden, Denmark and Ireland.

All patients are offered advice on feeding natural, species-suitable, fresh and wholesome food and all are offered chiropractic assessment and treatment.

We also offer an on-line Video Consultation Service. This is truly international and is intended to help those who are unable to travel to see us, for whatever reason (e.g. disability, illness, distance, animal's inability to travel, foreign residence). Appointments are arranged through the office - CLICK HERE.

Books are available from the AVMC: CLICK HERE

We treat all species, including cats, dogs, horses, ponies, donkeys, goats, farm animals, ferrets and rabbits, for any problem that may be presented. We turn no patients away.

This means that, in dogs, arthritis, allergy, atopy, skin problems, epilepsy, cancer, bowel/digestive problems, CDRM and respiratory problems are the most prevalent, in our daily workload.

In horses, we see many cases of back problems, laminitis, sweet itch, mud fever, head-shaking (head shaking, headshaking), ERU (Uveitis), COPD, skin problems, sarcoids, arthritis, navicular and digestive problems.

Cavalier with severe skin problem
Cavalier with severe skin problem
Chronic laminitis

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cat x-ray
Air-gun injury
cat recovered
Daisy - recovered from chronic diarrhoea (see below)

Daisy's Case - 18 w.o. female tabby kitten - Chronic Diarrhoea

First seen 28th July 2003 - constant diarrhoea (bloody) since May! (worse for protein food but OK on baby food)

Vet letter stated that Daisy's problem was very refractory to all sorts of therapy - histology: jejunum immunologically reactive - negative for parasites, negative for campylobacter - neutropaenia, lymphopaenia, monocytosis.

Blood tests FIV/FeLV/FIP all returned negative.

Full vaccination, incl. Leukaemia, just before she came to current home ex. Rescue (Blue Cross) & again soon after.

Diarrhoea started first, then salivation one week later. This appeared to be a possible case of vaccine-induced immune malfunction.

Case notes: prefers warm - athletic - loves high places - skinny - spiky coat - no real fears.

Prescribed: homeopathic Merc. sol. & Gaertner, Protexin & Lactosym.

Report 5th August 2003 - regurgitates small amount of food an hour after eating (once or twice daily) then swallows & licks up - belches 1 hr after eating - actually vomited food twice this week - has gained weight (now 1.85 kg & had been 1.6 kg for a few weeks).

Prescription: added homeopathic Phosphorus.

Report 18th August 2003 - eating bigger portions - swallows 1 hr after eating - regurgitated a little liquid only twice this week - sloshing-around sound stopped for a few days, now returned - eating more - less regurgitation (worse at first meal of day) - weight increasing.

Report 22nd August 2003 - yesterday started licking lips then vomited all breakfast 1½ hrs after eating - lost bit of her spark last two days - motions like bullets - some mucus - only change is from Lactosym to Protexin 5 days ago. Advise change back to Lactosym - if fails to help, consider homeopathic Nux vom.

Report 26th August 2003 - improved but didn't eat all that day - had been on Protexin from before coming to this home - clear watery discharge from nose - glands up.

Advised stop current remedies - new remedy homeopathic Natrum mur.

Report 9th September 2003 - slightly runny nose, glands up, bad gingivitis, problems eating - some swallowing/regurgitation 1 hour after eating (first meal of day) - slight constipation.

Advised change to homeopathic Phosphorus 200 & Nit. ac. 6c.

Report 15th September 2003 - had Phosphorus 200 for 4 days only - lots better - nose stopped running - gums much improved ? eating bigger meals - still tends to be sick first thing but not bad - very pleased.

Advised Phosphorus 200 reduce to twice weekly and continue Nit. ac.

Report 3rd October 2003 - improving - only eating baby food chicken - some days regurgitates/swallows 1 hour after eating first meal of day.

Report 31st October 2003 - No problems! Having some cooked chicken now incl. skin, giblets, mashed potato - sick or diarrhoea if alters feeding.

Report 17th December (Christmas Card) - now able to add cooked lamb, turkey or white fish - passed a thick red elastic band in November - incredibly it didn?t upset her!

Report 27th January 2004 - now able to tolerate all kinds of food.

Reported 17th July 2004 - She's been spayed, recovered well and now able to go out - caught first mouse - all took a long time, had expected to need special diet forever but now absolutely normal - all started to come right after Phosphorus 200. No different in health to our other cats - in fact, she's the liveliest of them all.

Reported 20th August 2004 - exhaustingly fit & well.

Annual Christmas Card since then (i.e. 2003 (see above), 2004, 2005, 2006) to say fine in every way:

Christmas Card 2005:
"It's hard to remember Daisy as the very poorly kitten I brought to see you in 2003 - I wish you could see her now - fitter and livelier than all our other cats put together!"

Christmas Card 2006:
"Daisy, whom you treated in 2003, continues to be our fittest and liveliest cat and a tremendous character!"

At the AVMC we have to treat many cases of feline chronic diarrhoea. Some cases can be very difficult to sort but we have been greatly encouraged by the overall results.

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